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So in today’s article we will talk about the signs of how men show their love to the women that they’ve truly fallen for.

Hit the bell to be notified when I upload a new video every Wednesday and on Sunday usually do a live stream answering your questions on a live. First ladies, it’s really important to understand that men categorize women, they categorize women into a short term and long term.

Into low value and high value women. And when he sees you as a low value woman he will throw you bread crumbs in order to keep you around as it does benefit him to some level. Okay, I’m gonna share with you the signs whenever a guy is faking to be into you in order to keep you around.

First sign would be flattery and promises. So he is promising you the world, he’s promising you a holiday, he’s promising you to throw, I don’t know, the biggest birthday party’s ever, and it never happens. Right, it never happens.

All we see is promises and flattery, never being followed by his actions. And if there is some action it’s usually a bread crumb. When he doesn’t follow through with the promises and flattery’s he gives you what, excuses.

So men are usually quite experts when it comes to excuses so I was unavailable, I couldn’t do it, I was too busy, something has happened, I had a big problem, I’m too stressed, excuses always continue and they never stop.

So men are usually quite experts when it comes to excuses so I was unavailable, I couldn’t do it, I was too busy, something has happened, I had a big problem, I’m too stressed, excuses always continue and they never stop.

The other sign is, you have been dating for awhile maybe for half a year or longer, and you never met his family or friends. Ladies this is a very big red flag when he doesn’t want to take things forward, what he’s doing is actually hiding you.

The other signs are he is not there on your birthday, he doesn’t do anything for Valentine’s day, he’s not there for Christmas, or New year’s. He is not there because he does not want to be there, because he doesn’t feel for you what he would feel for a woman that he loves.

Before he’s not interested celebrating these big occasions and giving you the wrong idea, however if you end up complaining about it, again what does he give you, excuse. The other sign would be he always asks you on last minute dates and when you say you’re not available he doesn’t step it up or ask you in advance because he simply just doesn’t care about taking you out or spending some real quality time together.

Cancels, cancels, cancels, whenever it’s a better option he drops you like it’s hot. Now ladies let’s compare it to how men treat a woman that they love.

Ladies, if you’re getting this type of treatment I just want to make it clear there is nothing wrong with you, it’s very likely that you don’t know the differences between men and women, you don’t know how to fulfill his love needs. And you don’t know how to show him your value and worth, in the way that a man will see it that a man would understand it.

And for this I actually have a video right here on how to be valuable in the relationship, which I recommend you to watch. Now let’s talk about how men actually treat the woman that they love.

So the signs are, when you will speak, when you will open your mouth ladies, he will listen. He won’t want to miss one word that you said, and if he didn’t hear what you said he will make sure to ask you to repeat yourself, cause he loves cares about you and what you say to him is very important.

When he will take you out he will care, did you like the movie, or did you like the dinner? If you say that you didn’t he’ll actually get upset and disappointed in himself. He will get upset when you’re upset as he will feel that he can not make you happy therefore it will make him worry. He will constantly try to impress and give you.

He will try to be kind, funny, and make you laugh. If you’re cold he’s gonna make sure that you’re wrapped up and warm, even if it means him freezing and giving his jacket to you. He’ll really want to introduce you to family and friends because he’s going to be so proud and happy to have you in his life.

He will be supportive of your goals, he will be protective of you, he will always be staying close to your side as he just will not to keep his hands off you. He will constantly compliment you with the biggest compliments and make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.

And this can even happen that you will catch him gazing at you while you’re sleeping. He will constantly be going out of his way to please you. He will be introducing you to his family and friends not by your name, not as a friend, but either his girlfriend or his love.

Ladies, this is how men treat women that they love and if you actually never experienced this treatment or you feel like it’s like a fairytale and it doesn’t happen, try being high value.

Try nailing at most things and I promise you, you will get it. Ladies, please take my test, are you a woman of higher value or a low value, which you can find in the video description down below.

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