I will share with you how men manipulate women into chasing them after cheating on them, (upbeat jazz music) and, in some cases, even get those ladies to compete with each other for them.

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So, he cheats and she finds out. The girlfriend is crying, she’s really upset, she keeps saying, “How could you do this to me after I have done so much for you?” Yet, she’s not leaving. She’s basically there just begging, complaining, guilt tripping, and still staying.

Not setting in any boundaries. He sees that she doesn’t value herself enough to leave, therefore he pushes it even further, and now says, “Well, I didn’t approach her, she approached me, so it’s not my fault, you know? I’m just a man. I can’t control myself when attractive woman approaches me.

I’m really sorry because I feel so confused, as I actually really like her. I just can’t control how I feel.” You might say, “How can he even dare to say these things?” And the answer is because he knows that he has a girlfriend who will be with him no matter what, who constantly puts him first, and herself second, who loves him unconditionally.

(murmurs) for the consequences of it, he ends up taking her for granted more and more each day. And now, he thinks to himself, “Well, I kinda like the other one too, so why not have them both? I mean, my girlfriend is just upset, but she’s not going anywhere anyway.

” Now, let’s fast forward a bit, and have a look at the outcome of this. Both women start to compete with each other for his attention, and, in the meantime, he always looks upset, confused, and doesn’t know what to do, as poor him, he just likes them both. Think about it, ladies.

Why give away one cake if you can have them both? It takes is just to victimize yourself and look genuinely confused. Now, women who fall for this BS are women who naively believe in the fantasy that he is giving. We are so blinded by love that we choose to ignore the reality. Also, these ladies have very low self-esteem, and do not love themselves.

And, this is exactly why men continuously walk all over them. As if you will not value yourself, no one else will. If you will not set healthy boundaries and will keep pleasing others, he will treat you like a doormat, and, after a while, will even complain that you aren’t laying flat enough.

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