Dating Tips for Finding the Right Persons

This is like the biggest story of two years.

Two years of like having clients, like daily, like ten girls a day, right? This is like biggest story of two years. This is what has happened, I had a girl, and actually it’s been for two years and there is a proof at two years because I have, I made a video about the story in the beginning.

I think I made it about a year ago and it says, “I became high value and my husband asked for divorce.” I have a video like this, put it on YouTube, “I became high value and my husband asked for divorce.” This is what the story is about, okay? So, let me tell you, so basically this is how it happened, this lovely lady was following a book and she got married.

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This is why I say be careful with books. Books are short term. If you’re reading a book which provides you with certain games right, and you follow that book, like religiously, yes you might get a guy hooked, yes you might get married, but you’re still just playing a game.

Okay so let me tell you, so what happened, she followed a book, she got married, after a while then she got married, right? She was like, right so she started changing. So in the book she is following the games, all of that and then she got married, she ditched the book, and she started changing, and she started giving.

Giving, giving, giving. You know, being too nice and slowly he started taking her for granted, right? He started taking her for granted, he started disrespecting her. They actually started sleeping in separate bedrooms, right? This is when she found me and she told me the story, what is happening and you know, we started the coaching.

So we started a lot in self-love, putting yourself first, your dreams, your goals, all of that. It’s you, value, respect, healthy boundaries, let him do his thing, you do your thing.

What has happened, so we first coached with this girl I believe about eight months. We invested in trying to fix it. During that time her husband started seeing that she’s starting to value herself more, that she’s setting in the healthy boundaries, that she’s putting herself first and he started playing a lot of game.

He started ignoring her more. He was like, “Okay, I see what you’re doing. You’re putting yourself, this and that. Before I was walking all over you, now you kind of have these boundaries.” And he started pushing it, right? He started bringing her the game. And there was a time that he was pushing it so much, that he actually asked for divorce.

He was like, “Oh no, no you’re starting to value and respect yourself.” No I want to take you back for granted,” right? So he actually asked for divorce. He said like, “You know what, let’s have a divorce.” And she, because she was coached by me, I said to her just say, “Okay, no emotion, poker face, okay.

” She said, “Okay.” When she said, “Okay,” this is when he kind of like lost his emotional control and he said like, “No, I love you so much, I want to make it work.” So it was like a game so she would lose her emotional control ’cause he felt like, “You’re acting so cool, if I’ll tell you I want a divorce, you’re gonna lose it all.

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” She didn’t lose it, she didn’t lose it. She held herself together and then he lost it and then he poured his heart out, right? However he poured his heart out, then we kind of been together for a couple of months and straight after that, he started playing more game again, right? So he started again being cold, ignoring, disrespectful, just was cold, warm, right? And she said, “Greta what do I do?” And I said, “Hon look, we did everything that we possibly could.

You know, we can see that he loves you, ’cause he literally poured his heart out, but we can see that he wants to have all the control and power, and all he’s doing is just playing these brutal games on you.

” And I basically said, “I actually think you need to separate, you need the divorce you know, because it’s like if you’re gonna live, are you gonna live your whole life, like with a man like this who’s ignoring you.

You’re sleeping in separate bedrooms. Sex is like once in four months if you’re lucky.” You know, it just became like ridiculous. And she asked for separation, and he agreed to it, and when she got her separation, we did all that we were doing the whole coaching stuff, she actually did not cry even once.

She was like, “This is gonna be great, this is gonna be amazing. I have all these dreams, I’m gonna be creating my empire.” So as she did the separation she, he agreed to it and we just went very, very smoothly away.

She moved out and she started achieving all her goals like crazy. She started becoming like going really, really high up, right? And she was making herself happy, lots of self-love, this and that. She just really had the best time. And her husband started getting in contact, right? He started dating some other girls, who started losing emotional control, so guess what happened?

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He started comparing these girls, who were losing emotional control, to my client, right? And it’s obviously incomparable, right? And then slowly he saw that these girls you know, this is useless he’s walking all over them, right? And he slowly started getting in touch with her.

She was replying to him, but very short and sometimes she would take days to reply, ’cause like he’d be separated so she didn’t care, she was putting herself first. After a year, after a year of being separated, he poured his heart out, but the way he poured his heart out, it was like he literally cried her a river.

Like a long, long river. Like saying everything, describing all of his games. He said, “You know what, I like you’re incredible, amazing woman.” This and that, right? “I was trying,” he broke it all down, he said, “I was trying to make the relationship work, but obviously I was playing all these games.

I was using the wrong tactics for it, I should have just been talking to you and you know, lifting each other up, supporting and this,” like he poured everything out.

But he poured it like, I don’t know, like she never had anything like this in her life .