8 Best Dating Tips That Will Completely Change Your Life In This Year

Okay so my point is ladies, just be aware and be careful, and same was for me.

For example if I’m dating a guy and I see that he, let’s say brings a little bit of a game, that’s fine you know, everybody needs to have a bit of game, as in like a man needs to know how to charm a woman, how to fulfill her needs.

A woman needs to know how to fulfill a guy’s needs you know, so there is a little tricks, a little fun bits, but I would say this is more like banter, a bit of cheekiness, fun, playfulness, right? So it’s not even anything crazy fresh. But if you’re dating a guy and you’re reading through him, and all you see he’s doing is just playing a game, constantly on you to have a power, that’s too exhausting.

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You’re like if you’re high value, if you have a life, if you busy if you’re doing the right thing, if you’re a nice, kind, good person, you’re gonna be like, “I don’t have time for this.

It’s too much. It takes too much of my time.” It’s a headache. I don’t need a headache, you know? So same as you, if you’re strong, you’re like setting a boundary, I see you through because being high value, you can see a man through, you can see all of his games. And then you make a decision. If it’s too much, you move on.

You might hurt yourself, you know you might short-term pain for the long-term happiness. Yes it might hurt if you love a person a lot, but long-term you’ll get over it and you will be happy, and you’ll find the right match for you. Same goes with a guy if he is clever, if he knows the stuff and he sees a woman, that all she’s doing is just playing game after game, he’ll be like, “You know what, like this is too much.

Like it’s a headache, like it’s nothing in for me.” So even though he maybe loves her because of that game, maybe he does have strong feelings for her, it’ll be like logically this does not make sense.

I want to live a happy, healthy life, so he’ll let her go as well. So ladies be careful, okay? Don’t just start like manipulating insanely, like I’m giving you knowledge, I’m giving you power, but then you have to use it a healthy, right way, if you want to live a healthy life.

If you want to have a toxic relationship where all you’re doing is just playing games because you’re bored and you don’t have a life, you don’t have goals, you don’t have dreams, you don’t have things to do in life, fine I get it it’s your choice, but if you actually have ambitious ambitions, goals, dreams, and all of that, all of this it’s a waste of time.

It’s a waste of your life. Okay now a helicopter story. Oh I love it, this is so nice. A helicopter story. So the helicopter story is, I just shared it. It’s again on my YouTube in the comments, right? And this is what, this is how advanced, so this lady was dating a very, very successful guy and when she thinks they’re falling apart and she got in touch with me and I actually told her to leave, to leave the relationship because it got like he was taking her for granted, for every single angle.

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I was like you have to leave it, don’t break up with him, just kind of.

She was working for him, so I just said like you know, just stop working for him. Do your own thing. And she did her own thing. She kind of, she put herself first, she became a challenge and he came after her and basically wanted her back and surprised her with the helicopter ride, which was like, I was just like, “Oh my god this is so amazing, I’m so happy for you.

” You know, so when you’re high value and the guy sees that, this is what you get. Instead of playing more games, this is girls, let me tell you something else. There are two types of guys, okay? When you’ve been a doormatty, right? When you’ve been doormatty or when you’ve been low value, right? And you, for example have been giving too much, doing too much you know, wearing your heart on a sleeve, he’s been taking you for granted all of that.

And now suddenly you learn how to love yourself, how to value yourself, how to set healthy boundaries, how to be feminine so you can bring out the masculine in him, right? And when you do this, when you start practicing this, this is what will happen, either he will start to play more games on you because basically what will happen, you will be, he will be like, “No I want the whole power back, you’re not having any power.

” You know, “I was able to walk all over you before, now you’re suddenly start to love yourself and value yourself, and you have all these boundaries,” so he’ll start to kind of trigger you and play games on you to take the power away from you.

So when you start practicing high value, there is a type of guy who will be like, “No, no, no, I don’t want to give you any power, I actually loved walking all over you and taking you for granted.” So he’ll give you more game. And this is when it’s gonna be very exhausting, you know, and he’ll just give you more game and this is when you’re like, “Oh my god what shall I do?

Shall I you know, keep doing this for a bit longer and see will this dynamic change, or shall I just let him go?” And there is another type of guy, who when you will start behaving high value, he will see that and he’ll just be like, “Oh my god this is amazing, this is what I need, this is what I want, this is perfect.

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” And then things will just go very smooth. Majority of men, from the experience that I had from all my clients, majority of men, when you start to behave high value, will play a game with you.

They will be, “I was able to walk all over you, I was able to have all the power. Now you want some like respect and you know, you start to love and value yourself, you’re setting all these boundaries. No, no, no, you’re not having any power.” So majority of men will bring you a game, right? So, but there is that small percentage that is just gonna be like, “Oh my god, you acting like my dream,” and he’ll just start falling for you and yeah.

And it’s just gonna go very, very smooth. So yeah, I hope for majority of you will happen that the smooth way, but if he’s bringing you the game, well this is what you’ll have to do so, which is goes to the story.