Top Dating Tips For Woman In 2020

I personally, if this would happen to me, I would not have the energy to go back and forth ’cause that’s to me a big time waste and the money is not worth that time waste going back and forth with the guy who is totally, like I would just say the biggest loser ever.

This is so disrespectful on so many levels.

It’s like how to put a woman down. If you want to disrespect a woman and put her totally down, this is what you do as a man. This is literally what you do as a man. So my advice would be don’t go back and forth ’cause that’s a lot of time waste with somebody who you don’t want to, like have nothing to do.

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So I would just say pay it back and leave it, but if you have the time, that’s fine you know? So yeah I said head back, block, go you know? And what is interesting, this is not the first client who’s experiencing this stuff. This has happened to a number and this is what guys do. They send the spreadsheets.

We literally all of those guys, that I know like it’s not the first time, so I’m not actually even that shocked. I’m just surprised that it has happened again. So the spreadsheet, apparently is like a new thing okay? So be aware of that and watch out for the red flags. Don’t be desperate, watch out for red flags.

You know, the red flags are always there. If he’s taking you for coffee and says let’s split the bill. If he’s taking you for a meal, let’s split the bill. If he’s like, it’s like the red flags are everywhere just like, don’t ignore the red flags. Majority of us we go on a date, we like a guy, right? If you’re a bit like.

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“Oh my god, I want a boyfriend so much,” you know, you’re gonna go on a date, you’ve seen a red flag and you choose to ignore it because you want a boyfriend so much, right? And when you continue to date this guy with these red flags and later on, what happens is if you keep dating, you keep bonding, these red flags, when you sleep together, right? A woman gets more attached ’cause she releases oxytocin right? And when you sleep together and after you sleep together, you have all these romantic getaways.

There’s a lot of blah, blah, blah.

There’s still those red flags, but a lot of blah, blah, blah, and now you’re attached to him ’cause you slept with him and now you’re like, “Oh my god, there is red flags all over.” There is 50/50 maybe other red flags. You know, 50/50 is just an example, right? Maybe other red flags, but you already emotionally involved, emotionally attached and this is when it’s crazy hard to let go of that guy with the red flags.

So my advice for you ladies, just take things slow. Drag it out, don’t rush. You have you have nothing to lose. The slower you go, the better it’s gonna be for you. You know, this is the only way to get to know a person.

Think about it even like with your friends. When a new person is coming into your life, sometimes it takes half a year to see your friend’s true colors. So the same with a guy, take it slow. Take it slow. If he’s sweeping you off your feet the first day, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, it’s still just one month that you know him, right? Like take it slow.

Don’t rush. When we rush, this is when very likely we can go wrong and dig ourselves holes. Okay so that was like the bad, bad story. Another story which is actually more from a guy’s perspective and basically I’ll just share it like this.

So I’ve been talking to a guy, who actually broke up with someone and he is really high value, he’s really cool, and the reason he broke up with the girl, ’cause she was too bitchy. Just to be bitchy basically you know? And to the girls who are reading some specific books, you know, there’s a lot of books with games and stuff like that and if what you’re doing, is you’re just playing a game and you’re playing that game in order to win it.

And basically what happens with the games, girls, first you’re not being high value, you’re looking at things as a game, right? So when you play a game, that you see that he’s chasing and pursuing you, right? And then you’re like, “Oh my god, okay I got it.

I’m gonna have now, I’m gonna step it up,” you know, “and I’m gonna be even bitchier,” right? And then you play a tougher game and you still like, “Oh my god, he’s still chasing me,” right? So if you’re going towards that line, that you tried some games and it has worked and now you even pushing it more, yes he might have fall for you in the beginning, but long term if he has self-respect, if he’s using his brain, he will be like, “Oh my god, I’m doing everything.

I invested everything, I’m treating her like a queen. She’s taking the piss.” You know, if he has self-respect and self-value, he will let you go, you know? Same as a woman can let a guy she loves go because he plays too many games, because you know, like as I say girls, like you need to look long-term, right? So short-term pain for the long-term happiness.

If for example, I know all the bloody games, right? I know all the games because knowledge is power, right, so I’m teaching you, I’m basically showing you all the games because I want you to have a knowledge, but then ladies it’s up to you, what do you do with it.

The games, the reason I’m showing you the games, so you can protect yourself, so you’re not manipulated, but if you’re like, “Oh my god Greta knows so much stuff. I’m just gonna take it, and I’m gonna use it, and I’m gonna play these these, these games, and I’m gonna manipulate, and have all this power.

You know, you very likely can dig yourself a hole. You know, games are just to protect yourself. Like be very wary if a guy has a brain, if he is logical, if he’s smart, if he’s high value, he’ll sniff all your games out very quickly.