How To Make Any Man Miss You

Hey guys, so it says I am here.

I hope this time it will work. Last time I tried, it didn’t work for some reason. So guys, happy happy New Year and this is my first live in new year, so happy New Year.

Very excited to be in 2020 doing a live, all of that, talking to you guys. So today’s video, today’s live is about high value women stories and I was thinking what to do a live about, but like this week I had, you know, it’s new year.

Ladies through new year’s, there’s actually a lot of all kinds of stories, why? Because after Christmas, after all about giving and all about pursuing and all that safety and security, there is lots of breakups and there is lots of very good things happening.

So it all usually happens over new year. So I have many, many stories to share. I’ll share a couple and we can learn from them. We can learn how to be really, really high valued through those stories and how to bring out the best in the guy and yeah, what it actually takes to have amazing, amazing relationship, okay? So for those who don’t know me, my name is Greta Bereisaite.

I’m dating and relationship coach for women and I upload new videos every Wednesday. I upload a video about content and on Sunday I do a live about a specific topic and you know, I do some Q&As; and we can all engage.

Let me just kind of turn this a bit like this. Okay cool, so let’s start with the stories. Now I’m just thinking, which one shall I start. Shall I start with bad? Let’s start with bad, right? Let’s start with negativity and finish with positivity, right? So I’ll start with two kind of like yeah, I’ll start with the worst one and then we’ll get better, and better, and better, okay? So here comes the first one.

So maybe I have seen a tiny bit on my posts and it’s so funny ’cause like when I’d make comments on my YouTube posts, you know when you can post the story? Somebody actually made a comment saying that stop creating stories and I’m just thinking, if I could create so many stories you know, I would be an incredible writer.

So I’m not, so I wish you know? Anyway, so the first story is guys, it’s about not gold digging, but it’s about who should pay, right? So a lot of us nowadays think that it should be 50/50 and let me tell you why 50 to 50 doesn’t really work.

50/50 is like, 50/50, I would compare 50/50 if you’re a man going with a friend. If you’re, it’s 50/50 is not a relationship thing.

50/50 is not masculinity and femininity. It’s not complementing each other. 50/50 it’s like you’re taking a friend for a drink. It’s like masculinity with masculinity. Femininity with femininity, that’s 50/50. When it comes to masculinity and femininity, it’s about complementing each other.

It’s about letting a man be a man and a woman feeling like a lady, feeling feminine, right? So in order for a woman to feel like appreciated, feminine, valued and worthy, it cannot be 50/50.

Like I know I’ve been through embarrassing moments myself and I remember going on a date and the guy literally, I didn’t even ordered that much, I ordered so little and you know, when the bill came, the waiter actually put the bill on his side, right?

And he looked at the bill and it was very small to be honest, it was really small and he said so you’re paying this much and I’m paying this much and I felt so embarrassed.

Like that was just, I just felt so embarrassed and that was it. He was like really charming, he was really cool, everything, I was just like no, no second date. Strictly no second date. It was just so embarrassing you know? And even the waiter actually felt sorry for me. You know, I didn’t show on my face at all.

I just paid my part, didn’t show on my face at all. I’m quite good with poker face when I have to. Right, didn’t show anything, but I felt so embarrassed. All you feel, you’ll just feel like am I like not worthy? It just feels so ridiculous. So 50/50 when you’re taking a woman on a date.

If you’re not into her, I get it, fine, you’re not into her, you don’t want to pay, you don’t want to be adjourned, fine I get it, right? But if you’re into a woman, you like the girl and you’re not paying for her. You know, you’re not trying to sweep her off her feet. I mean that’s just manners.

That’s literally just manners. So I personally would say to you girls, if a guy is splitting every single thing 50/50, he is out. He is out. What about the time when you’re gonna be you know, if we look at long-term and you’re thinking about like long-term potential.

What about things and you’re gonna be prep, it’s just like, it’s so many things that combat it, right? You can’t compare a man to a woman, right? It’s incomparable.

You’re feminine, you have your feminine things like you know, you have your monthly cycle. It’s just, I can’t, I’m not even going back. Basically if, I have a video why you should not split the bill and you can, I’ll link that video right here, but just for this part.

I’ll just save as much, right? Anyway, so this lady was dating a guy and after a couple of months, he took her on a romantic getaway, right? And everything was really super sweet and he was sweeping her off her feet, and like charming, at nice hotels, and taxis, and paying her, like taking her to a nice places, this and that, right? In new years she gets a email from him, a spreadsheet of everything.

Of all the coffees, of all the meals, of all the taxes, of all the hotels, of everything, right? It’s like detailed spreadsheet.

Like and it says, “You can adjust it if you like and this is basically the sum of money that you owe me for all that trip, right? And let me just tell you both of the people are really successful. It’s not that he doesn’t have the money to pay you know, it’s not like she could not afford it.

Both of them are extremely like really, really successful. And yeah, so he is. What was my advice? I did tell her, I told her to pay it back and I said block and run basically, but to be honest like, I saw a lot of girls said like in the comments like.

We would not pay it back and I agree if you have the willpower to argue and all of that and go back and forth, you know, and have maybe even have some banter with him you know, like if you have that energy, fine don’t pay it.