Girls That looking for a full-fledged long-term relationship

I am looking for a full-fledged long-term relationship, with one single well-mannered, developed.

Pleasant gentleman from anywhere in the world, capable of caring and pampering first – and later taking care at a decent level. Mutual respect for each other and consonance of worldviews are mandatory. With pleasure I will become an assistant to my man in business. Please write immediately with several intelligible photos, briefly about yourself and your vision of the relationship. P.S. I had no relation to the sphere of leisure, and I don’t have it; I am sending it to the ban for offers of counter payments. Breeders of all stripes, deviants, grievous billionaires and mentally ill citizens fly there. I hope to be heard and thank you in advance for your understanding.

I am looking for a serious relationship with boy who has a lot of unspent love in her heart, the need to give this love, “serve” and belong to her man. Attitude is my man my God. If you are a deep, cheerful girl, preferably interested or wanting to be interested in poetry, art, to become an assistant and a support, and having the need to create a world for two in the format I described, I am waiting for a letter with a photo. Dominance of a man, obedience of a girl. Do not write mercantile and shallow girls, busy with primitive thoughts and deeds, but write simple, beautiful and sincere girls. Age to 25 years. The country does not matter, I live in Moscow. Attractive appearance, material confidence, warmth and goodness in the soul.

I am looking for one adequate, well-mannered man who knows how to care for and take care of a girl, not sex for the night or for money, as some men think, but relationships without taking out the brain and the like. Not a sponsor as some write, but a man who will respect me as a girl, not a piece of meat.

I myself am quite an adequate and normal girl who studies and works. Cities like Moscow, etc., located at great distances from me, are uninteresting, since promises from men alone are nothing more. I don’t communicate without photos, please don’t waste my time and me please .. Age from 25 to 40 .. Only serious communication .. Cities # Anapa, # Novorossiysk, # Krasnodar. Perverts, pi * dalises, those who are looking for one meeting), those who want to teach me life and all that sort of thing – to ignore .. I do not send intimate photos and do not communicate on such topics. Thanks for attention.

It’s hard to believe, but I’m really looking for a serious relationship here. If you are interested in relationships by the principle – you are my one, I have you alone, then we are on the way. Of course I do not praise myself, but I am an interesting conversationalist and a devoted person. In the girl, of course, I appreciate beauty, seriousness and constancy. Own successful business. Generous. Appearance is not deprived)) Single.

A little off topic) Relocation! # I’ll get acquainted with an adequate man aged 25+ and older) for a serious relationship, and suddenly, of course, by mutual sympathy) with an adequate, wealthy, kind, non-narcissistic).

I want to see a man next to me, for whom I’ll be like a stone wall), if you are looking for and appreciate a person only by appearance, then this is not for me) I want heart-to-heart talks, laughter, walks at night, damn it, and even drive to eat poppy at night it is important for me, the man’s attitude to me, to others 21 I’m 21 years old.

I study and work, without a crown on my head, usual) by the nation of Bashkir, slender # brunette, by the zodiac Aries, if that) I do not smoke! There are no children) I want to meet my own person in spirit, according to general thoughts, goals) I’m not in a hurry to marry and children) It is advisable that you have the opportunity to travel, really want, but not possible I want happiness, so that there is a person nearby , which will support at any moment) and, of course, I him) in the future I want comfort, family and child). I like to laugh very much, I want a person nearby who will support me the same inadequate immediately in emergencies) I don’t provide any services)