7 Experts Share Their Very Best Online Dating Tips

He will look at you as another child.

What happens if something happens to him? How are you gonna feed your children? How are you gonna dress your children? You know it’s sad. Another example that I have actually, I have lots of examples. There was one lady that I coached, not one like many ladies from that, anyway let’s call it there were a couple ladies so anyway.

And she basically this is what happened. She was in abusive marriage, in a very abusive marriage. She had children, she was in a very abusive marriage. The children were begging her to leave her husband right. And it got so abusive the police got involved, she was raped and it was disgusting right.

She left the husband, right she left the husband. She was very naive, she was very gullible, he was manipulating her all the time. She left the husband and he begged her back right when she left him and she went back to him. Right she went back to him.

Do you think her children, she’s a grown up woman, do you think her children respect her for that? How do you think her children are being with her now? The husband was not abusing just her. The husband was abusing the children too. They’re like mom, you’re going back to dad because now he says he loves you.

So you’re being selfish and you’re being naive and gullible and you’re going back into the mouth of a gorilla who’s gonna eat you alive and is gonna abuse the children again. So which woman do you think, you know what I mean? And it doesn’t make sense ladies. What do you say to that? Yes you can give excuses, oh it’s love.

But what about the children? You know it’s not just about you, what about the kids? They are suffering. Now you’re going where because you’re going for the love because you’re actually selfish and you need some cuddles and attention and all of that.

This is why you’re going there so you’re actually ignoring your kids. You’re ignoring their health, you’re ignoring their well-being. So how is this woman going to be respected? This woman will be respected if she leaves the husband and she puts herself first and she starts looking after her children because this is abuse.

This guy is not just danger to her, it’s a danger to her kids as well. But no, this woman instead chooses to be gullible and naive and follow the love who’s gonna abuse her and abuse her children. So you ladies making posts on you know what I mean, you have to be smart.

You have to be strong in here right. I don’t tell you girls to go to the gym and do boxing or fight men or anything like that. I would never lift a finger against a guy myself, I’m not that type of woman. You’re watching the wrong coach if you think I’m gonna be coaching you how to be aggressive. I am not aggressive in person.

Like nobody would ever in my life would call me aggressive. But you can set in your boundaries in a feminine womanly way if that’s who you are. You can say no. You can say please don’t talk to me this way. Okay he’s getting aggressive. Okay I see that, I’m gonna leave now and I’m not gonna be there anymore.

I’m not telling you to fight or take his head off or punch you know, like that’s actually quite dangerous punching a guy. You know if he punches you back, you’ll fly off probably across the room right. I’m telling you to remove yourself from that situation. How is that aggressive? That’s not aggressive, that’s being feminine.

That’s knowing your value and worth. And when you know your value and worth, this is when you go and reach your goals because you’re like wow, I am something, I am unique, I am incredible. I was born, I bet I can make this world a better place.

Unless you’re Laila Ali yeah. I feel good, what he’s thinking, you are a prize, he should be. Okay so you girls are helping each other out. Here you go, ladies these ladies are helping each other out with the comments. Is that being strong and masculine or that just being feminine and helping each other out? Same thing, same thing.

Is that masculinity? No it’s not, you can do something. Should we go underground working on our insecurities before going out or meeting people? Professionally I’m not where I want to be and people are nosy and asking. Hiding makes me feel fake though. I would keep it to myself.

Keep your insecurities to myself because there’s a lot of manipulative people out there who play games and who will play games on your insecurities. And it’s not just men who do that. A lot of times we assume of others of who we are. Like for example if you’re a nice person, you will automatically assume that the other people are nice as well.

If you’re a manipulative person, you will automatically assume that other people manipulate a lot as well. So if you have a lot of insecurities and you share it with the wrong person, you might as well, you’re potentially digging yourself a hole.

If you want to talk and share it I understand that we as women we need to talk. I talk when I feel bad. The first thing I need to do is go and share because I need to talk to somebody to lay it out because it will make me feel better. As I say I’m a woman right so I understand that.

But when you need to have your safe person that you can talk to. You know for me the safest person would be my mom. Everyone else, yes of course I have some safe people but you know what I mean it’s like if you want to share your insecurities, share it with somebody who’s really really safe. Don’t share it in your work environment where you don’t know people, that is very risky.

The only thing a woman has to be strong is let a man who can invest in her go. That’s not the only time hun. The only time a woman has to be strong is let a man who can’t invest in her go. If that’s the only time that a woman needs to be strong is let a man who can’t invest in her go, then none of the guys would come for that woman, she’s always weak and naive and gullible.

She will never attract a man who will invest in her in the first place. Like a man does not look for a baggage or a child to look after. A man is looking for an equal.

Ladies if you want to have a happy relationship, you need to be an equal to him. If you’re gonna be here and he is here, he will walk all over you. If you’re gonna be here and he is here, you’re not gonna respect him. You need an equal, that’s how it works. And again like attracts like.

What I see as a king, you may not see as a king right. Everybody’s different, everybody has a different idea for a king or a queen. You don’t need to be me, you can be you, you need to be who you’re meant to be in order to attract the right king for you. Like attracts like right. It is important to focus on being queen but that decision itself won’t bring you there.