Dating Advice For Men: The 11 Things You Must Never Do

So we end up wasting five, six, seven years dating a guy who goes a lot of blah blah blah, blah blah blah who’s words don’t match up with his actions.

But the girls goes like oh maybe next time, maybe next time, excuses this and that right. They give him excuses and then they waste five years, seven years with that guy, sometimes even 10 years with a fantasy.

It’s not even the real person, you wasted with a fantasy. What high value does, what we advise that your healing does, it takes off all that fantasy from the person. Because you have the knowledge, you can see right through them and then you know exactly who you are dating.

We cannot put a shield, there is no glass, there is nothing. You see right through them. And then you see right through them and you’re like okay, I’ve been on one date, I don’t like this. I can see second date like this, third date, is that good enough for me, right? Because you see the real person.

When you understand all this, you see the real person. Ladies, the real person is not as nice as the fantasy, trust me. Unless it’s like a guy who never bullshits and who just shows everything with his actions which there are actually guys like that, it’s really interesting because there are guys like that.

But you know a lot of times what women do, they invest in their fantasy. The guy’s just charming, he gives you flattery promises, first date flattery promises, second date flattery promises. Then you already slept with him, you’re all invested. What he gives you, he gives you more flattery and promises.

It’s lack of knowledge, that’s all there is. It’s lack of knowledge and falling for the fluff. Don’t see here, okay. Let’s see, love you too. I think you pushing pushing women to be strong. I’m disgusted from the phrase strong woman. I associate with muscles and mustache.

That’s why men are feminized nowadays. Okay let’s rephrase that, I don’t like the phrase a strong woman either right. I don’t want, if I’m really honest I don’t like the phrase a strong woman okay. I like the phrase a feminine woman right. Like when I meet guys, everyone calls me very very feminine.

Like all my life I’ve been called, all my life before I became a dating coach, I was called extremely sensitive, very emotional and very feminine right. Like this was me, I was ultra sensitive. That was like everybody was thinking Greta will never reach anything in life because she’s so sensitive right.

Like was always the most feminine one right. And you can be feminine, it’s good for you to be feminine. You are here to complement each other but you need to be strong ladies. You need to be strong as well. You don’t need to be aggressive, I’m not aggressive. You just need to be strong.

Don’t be naive, don’t be gullible. Naive and gullible, if you stay naive and gullible, that’s not even weak, that’s stupid. Like a man does not, he’s not gonna like a stupid woman. He will disrespect that. That is what naive and gullible is. What I’m telling you ladies, just have the knowledge.

You know all the need is the knowledge. Be feminine and have the knowledge. Have the knowledge how to do the right thing. Okay for example, like financial control. You don’t need to be strong to have money, you just need to have the knowledge. Women are smart, we are not dumber than guys.

You can have the knowledge and you can do things in a feminine way and achieve your feminine empire. Is my empire here masculine empire? Look at this ladies. I’m example of building a feminine empire. All I do all day is talk to women. I don’t have any guys working for me. I like the feminine environment.

You know like it’s beautiful. This is the beauty of life, you can be a feminine woman and you can achieve your feminine goals. If your goal is have a hobby knitting right, if your goal is to knit, you can knit and make it into your hobby, make it into your empire, make it into your goal.

If your goal is to bake beautiful cakes, bake beautiful cakes, be feminine, make it into a goal. There is a million feminine things that you can do and make it into your empire. You don’t need to become a man, that’s the last thing that you need to do. You know it’s about complementing each other in the relationships.

But ladies another thing that is really important and I think we should not be dumb and we need to be smart. And I’m gonna share another example which I actually nearly forgot. It was shared by a guy who is right now, he’s earns like 10 millions a year but this is his story.

He has a couple brothers and sisters, he had a mom, he had a dad. His dad was a drug dealer, a pretty famous drug dealer in LA and the police, they basically put him into jail.

And he was pretty famous, they all had lots of money. He grew up in a very very wealthy upbringing. And so the mom was looked after, the kids were looked after and obviously the dad, they all had a very rich background, wealthy background because of the dad being the drug dealer.

And when police took him away, they lost the house and everything within a year. He said we lost everything within one year right. And him, his brothers and sisters and his mom moved into a shared house and they all shared one room.

And the mom was working, going to work as much as she can to provide for the kids. Now my point is ladies, be a plan B. You know like I understand yes let’s say a man is a provider. You know maybe he should be the head of the house.

But be a plan B. You know build that empire together. You never know what’s gonna happen. This is life, it’s teamwork. You know what if he gets sick? My dad got sick, there was a time that he got sick for a couple of years because he had heart surgery so he couldn’t get out of bed.

Who do you think was providing for the family? My mom was. If she would have not provided, we all would have been on the street. It’s life, life is not easy. Life is not easy. You know you have to have a plan B in life. You have to have a financial knowledge. You have these opportunities now to do this.

You know we are not restricted as women anymore. We can have this, we can build it. Look at Michelle Obama, look at Oprah. You know these are incredible women examples. What are you gonna do? If you’re always depending on a man, he will look at you as a baggage.