18 Essential Online Dating Tips For Women

Somebody said something, focus on your light.

Focus on your light. When you focus on positivity it gets bigger and it spreads right. It gets bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger. So this is what I call my empire, this business right. I focused, it was tiny. I focused and it got bigger, bigger, bigger. Now I live endless positivity.

This is my life girls right, I love this. So again ladies, when you’re going through hard time, find something that makes you really happy and makes you forget about everything else and focus on it, focus on it. Put all your focus on positivity so the positivity spreads, not the negativity but positivity.

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How should I get a confidence back when I had a few surgeries due to domestic violence? If I find a man I would have to explain, I have been single for 16 years. If you will love yourself, if you learn how to love yourself. If you learn how to be higher value let’s say, after awhile like when a guy will meet you and you love yourself and this and this and that.

After awhile when you get to know the guy, right when you really get to know and you can trust that person, you can open up where are these things coming from? You know but you’re not gonna be feeling vulnerable about opening it up because you’re gonna be strong.

You’re not gonna be let’s say embarrassed over it or anything like that because it’s not gonna be you anymore. The only time we feel embarrassed about our failures, if we still feel like that person right. Like for example if I share my failures with you guys, I laugh at them because I’m not that person anymore.

So it’s easy for me to share it because I’m like well that’s not me anymore. You can all laugh at what it was because I’ll laugh with you probably because that’s not me anymore. But when it’s still you and you open your failures or something that you feel insecure about and people pick on it right, then it really hurts you because it’s still you.

You see so work on your insecurities, become strong and then whatever anyone says it’s not gonna affect you. That was easy to say right, it takes a lot of work ladies, it does take a lot of work.

You know like it takes a lot of work. But it’s the beauty of life. There is a very good example, I probably shared it before and it’s for personal development and for relationships for anything in life. And one of the stories that I shared as well, you can apply it for anything in life, for business, just everything right, it’s like tools to live a happy life, this is what I’m providing for you.

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Mike Clan gave a very good example and she said, Relationship, business, love, anything, anything right. When things are comfortable and the same, let’s look at the water so when you have a pond.

And a pond is still right. After awhile it gets moldy, it gets disgusting. And after awhile, even if you’re gonna go in it, you’re gonna start sinking right it gets so moldy. So everything in life needs to move, it needs to grow. You cannot stay in the same place. So when you ladies invest in your personal growth, invest in yourself, your core self.

Not about just like what games guys play and stuff like that and how to have him all wrapped up but truly invest in yourself and grow as a person, this is when you actually feel happy because it’s not up to a guy to make us happy, it’s up to us to make ourselves happy.

It’s like we’ve been conditioned that it’s a man, a guy, a guy, a man you know all of that but it’s just conditioning from young age. It’s our responsiblity to grow and to make ourselves happy. And the only way you will be happy if you face your fears and grow.

Nothing good happens in a comfort zone. Relationship does not grow in a comfort zone. It’s like a pond, it gets nasty. Okay questions, dot need to dot. The screen just went blank to see hi. Because I need to see a, yes here we go, modern dating scene apps only in one night stands. Ignore it, just ignore it.

The right guy will come. A guy will take what’s on a plate. He’ll take off what’s on a plate and he will manipulate it. You know that’s what it is. You know what the games are good for? Knowledge, like you know what’s the best way to control your emotions is through knowledge. We lose our emotional control because we don’t understand.

We assume and in many case to protect ourselves, we assume the worst okay. So then you assume the worst like he did something and you don’t understand. Right he’s doing something and you’re like oh my God, what’s happening? And you don’t understand what it is exactly or you don’t know.

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And when you assume the worst, you lose your emotional control based on paranoia. Right so this is why the guy ends up calling you crazy because you lose your emotional control based on paranoia. Right but then you know the games, then you know all of it. When you have the knowledge and when you can read the other person, there is no reason for you to assume the worst because there’s no assumptions, you can read the person.

You know so that is how it is. And wait what was I talking today, yes, this is what happens a lot with the girls. You know it’s when you have the knowledge how everything goes in the relationship and in life, you don’t live in a fantasy, you don’t live in a fairy tale.

What happens to a lot of naive women is that we live in a fantasy, we live in a fairy tale. We’re not even dating the real person, we are dating their bullshit.