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You’re lucky to be born, you’re lucky to be alive.

Why sit there victimize yourself and go like I am naive, weak woman and I don’t have a man and nobody wants me. Fuck it, go for your dreams. Go for your goals, be a queen.

This is when everyone will see you as this inspiring person. Ladies you know when my dad, all my life I see my dad introducing my mom as European champion to everyone because he’s so proud of that.

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He’s so proud to be married to a queen who has achieved so much. He’s always been like yeah that was her background, this is what she did. This is so inspiring, this is my wife. My mom, all her life she’s introducing my dad like yes he was a rower, he was called a mountain in his team because my dad was really tough.

Even the other rowers called him a mountain, that’s how strong he was. They are proud of each other. You know like attracts like. Why would you not want to be that? Why would you want to waste your life? You only have one life, do something.

If people who come from nothing, who came from abusive upbringing, who came from a war have dreams, have goals, have the passion to do something with their life, why can’t you? You know what’s your excuse? Okay now once we have this done.

I literally thought it’s gonna take me an hour, it took me 10 minutes. So let’s see what else I wrote down that I didn’t share yet. I think I said everything, shall we do the questions? Shall we do the questions? Okay ladies so fire up with your questions. Yeah that was fast. Ask me your questions and I’ll answer your questions.

Let’s do an Q&A; so this a bit of inspiring live. I was like this is gonna take me an hour. No it took me probably 10 minutes. Okay cool so any advice for married women going through separation? Focus on yourself, focus on your dreams, see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. Ladies my sister passed away, I don’t know do you girls know my story or not but I created this business on the rock bottom. I really did, on the rock bottom. My sister was dying from cancer. Everything around my life was crushing and what I focused was on the light at the end of the tunnel.

And the light at the end of tunnel was this. This is why you see how much love that I do. Even if you’re gonna go like many many videos back, you will see that I’m quite shy in this and starting filming these videos. It took me a long time to get to where I am and I got here because of my passion.

So what happened was if you actually look at my story, I was sharing a house. I was living with oh my God, I have actually a video on that if you want to see where I lived before and who I lived with, I’ll put it here in a link after this video.

But my point is I created my business on my rock bottom. Okay I was like I know this stuff, I can do it. I got my best friends sister married, like he was taking her totally for granted. And she showed me the ring, I was doing a video the next day because I literally held her hand through the whole thing.

So she went from low value to high value and all of that. So then she showed me the ring, this is when I did my first YouTube video. And if you want to hear my story, I think I only have my story in my Ultimate Self Love package because I’m breaking it down for you ladies how I went through the whole thing, what I did.

How I went through the rock bottom, what kept me going and how I became who I am. So anyway my point is when you girls are going through separation or through a breakup, you know if you loved the guy you’re probably crushed and stuff like that. So find something that you really love to do.

Something that you really really really love to do. And then you do that thing, you forget about everything else and that thing makes you feel good right. So for me it was this, it was this business. It was giving the advice. It was holding girls hands and coaching them.

It was focusing on creating, building my empire. So what happened to me, everything around me was crashing, everything. My sister’s dying from cancer, she did pass away, my parents going really down because obviously like my sister passed away, me not having any money. I was working as a nanny. I started putting myself first.

I realized that I surrounded myself with low value people so I ended up letting them go because I was growing. Not that they were low value people, it’s just I was growing and they were staying here and we started clashing. And I was by myself as a figure in the rock bottom.

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And what helped me was creating this business because I saw it as a light. It made me happy. So what I did through the whole day, I focused on this light. Right I focused on it. And when you focus on the light, you focus on what makes you happy, not on negativity because when you focus on negativity, you get more sad right.

What happens next, you feel weak. Listen you feel weak. You start blaming others, you start complaining. Right you get in a bad mood. That’s what happens when you focus on negativity. When you find that light and it makes you happy and you focus on positivity. And when there is negativity around you, go and focus on your light.