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So many girls were getting so offended and they were like well, you know if a man doesn’t want a weak women, I don’t need that man or whatever.

Or they were saying, what did they say? “Where is your king?” Blah blah blah, all of that stuff right. Hold on ladies, I had a point, I lost it. It happens on a live.

So nowadays, what women do a lot. You know a lot of women said put themselves straight away we are weak, naive and gullible right. They straight away put themselves as weak, naive and gullible and they attacked let’s say me back right. I did not call you girls weak, naive and gullible. You called yourself weak, naive and gullible.

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I said a queen will not be naive and gullible. I did not say you are weak, naive and gullible. You’re the ones, you called yourself weak, naive and gullible, why, why? I personally would never call myself weak, naive and gullible. I would take responsiblity for myself and I would do the right thing.

I would be like I’m not weak, I don’t want to be weak. I’m not naive, I’m not gonna be weak, I’m not naive you know? Why are you calling yourself that? You are capable of being strong. You are capable of taking responsiblity for yourself. Let me ladies give you now some examples so it kind of makes sense and doesn’t look like it’s blaming and so on right.

So I will start from kind of far far away okay, far back. So let me go far. Right so for example, I had a grandma who went through a war. All my grandparents went through a war right and this is what my grandma went through.

She saw a body of her brother in front of her dead and she had to pretend that she does not know that it’s her brother. Otherwise, she would have been killed by soldiers right. And I find out about this when I was already much older. She has never shared a word. She has never shared what she experienced.

All my life as a child I saw her a very very strong woman. Right she has never put herself in a victim position. She could have, all my grandparents could have. They all could have been like oh my goodness, I went through a war, I have so much toxic behavior, I’ve been so abused, this and this and that.

But if they would have put themselves in the toxic position, in the victimizing position, they would have never been able to go forward and live their life. So what she did, she put the war behind and she raised the children in the best way that she could right.

She did not let the abuse continue. Now let me share some more, my mom was born in obviously in a very toxic environment. My granddad was cheating all the time. My grandma put up with the abuse. My mom when she was 16, she left the family. She was in touch and all of that but she left the house because there was a lot of abuse.

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And she was training very hard in basketball and she became European champion. So she came from a very toxic, toxic upbringing and she put herself first and she became European champion. Right she’s really well known. And what did she do? She took responsiblity for her life.

She had all the rights to go like I came from this upbringing, this is what my mom did. My grandma was abused all the time. She could have married a husband who was abusive and so on.

She did not do that. She took responsiblity for herself and she created an incredible life for her right. My dad, then my dad’s dad passed away when my dad was 20 and my dad was left with his mom and his two siblings.

He started going to a job in I think metal factory to bring money to support the family. He started studying and he became a famous rower as well. So he was rowing, studying and going to work to support the rest of the family.

If he would have been victimizing himself and saying I am weak, I am gullible, I am naive, do you think he would be able to support his brothers and sisters, support his mom and become the man that he is today? No he would have not. You see ladies my point is stop putting yourself in I am a weak and naive and I am fragile women.

And it’s his fault, it’s his fault, it’s his fault, it’s his fault. Take responsiblity for yourself, put yourself first and do the right thing. You’re not a naive, vulnerable fragile woman. You are that woman because you want to be that woman because that way it’s easy, you can blame others.

You can point fingers and you can sit comfortably in the comfort zone going like oh he did this, he did this, he did that, how dare, how dare, how dare. What instead of that you go like fuck it all right. I’m gonna do me, I’m gonna put myself first.

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I’m gonna become the best version of myself. I’m gonna be a queen and you all just watch me doing that right. This is what’s inspiring. This is what motivates others.

This is what makes the world a better place. If we inspire each other to be the best version of ourselves. Right if we inspire each other to be positive, to take responsiblity for ourselves, we will actually make the world a better place.

We will lift each other up. But when you ladies, when you victimize yourself, when you complain, when you point fingers, you’re actually spreading a toxic behavior. You go to your friend, your friend is complaining, you’re like yes yes yes don’t take any responsiblity for yourself, it’s his fault or it’s her fault.

You’re spreading negativity and you’re making each other weak. You are not weak. Our grandparents were not fighting wars for you to be weak and sit in the comfort zone all comfortably and blame others.

This is not what the grandparents or our parents stood up for. They stood up, they went against the law for women to have rights, for you girls to be queens, for us to be inspiring women. For us to be able to achieve things, to do things in our life. You only have one life.