7 Online Dating Tips Women Should Live By

Let me see, just adjusting this a little bit, maybe more like this yeah.

Okay so here we go, hello ladies. Hello ladies, I’m gonna give it a few seconds for you guys to pile up. But anyway while you’re all piling up, let me introduce for you ladies today’s topic. And today’s topic is what is a low value woman? I will compare a low value woman to a high value woman okay? Okay so I see people are piling up, that’s awesome.

And I will focus today more on taking responsiblity for yourself. And I will share with you some amazing amazing stories. Okay so just sticking for the stories, it’s worth it.

So I’ll give you examples of low value behavior, high value behavior and I’ll share some incredible stories okay? So basically the difference between a toxic behavior and a healthy behavior.

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A low value woman to a high value woman. Slave and a queen. Okay it’s all the same thing. Okay also guys, just for you when you want, my name is Greta Bereisaite, I’m a dating and relationship coach for women only.

And I upload videos, new fresh videos with free content every Wednesdays and Sundays. So if you want to learn and become the best version of yourself and be attractive and stay attractive to the opposite sex, subscribe to my channel and watch the content.

Okay so hey girls, hey all. I see everyone’s piling up, that’s really awesome. So I wanted to start this video with my post which got a lot of hate. And I saw so many women getting so defensive. And when women get defensive, who do we attack? Me okay.

And you know what made me think. Then I make videos on how to set boundaries with guys. Then I make videos how to handle their games. You know all you ladies are usually loving this and you’re like oh my God yes Greta, let’s blame men, men are awful, men are this, men are that right. You’re all like men blamers right.

Then I make a post, take responsiblity for yourself right. Don’t be naive, don’t be gullible, don’t be silly, take responsibility for yourself. All of you like majority 80, 90% go like no no no Greta, it’s you, it’s your fault, how dare you, we are amazing. Nobody wants to take responsiblity for themselves.

Everybody wants to blame others. And this is what actually happened on my post. So I will start this from a post and I will kind of break it down for you ladies, that post. And the thoughts that came from that post to where it’s high value low value behavior.

And I will also break it down to you ladies good examples, some real life incredible, inspiring examples which will inspire you to be the best version of yourself. To be a queen that you were meant to be in the first place. And that you are, just you need to adjust it a little bit, improve yourself a little bit.

Okay so and by the way ladies, I was not born this way as well. Okay I have been naive, I have been gullible, I have been victimizing myself a lot in the past. This took a lot of personal growth. Okay, a lot of it to take responsiblity for myself, to put myself first, to love myself, respect myself, all of it.

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That’s a lot of personal growth, that’s a lot of personal investment. I was not born this way and I’m not here to point fingers all right. I’m here ladies, look at yourself, take responsiblity for yourself and make yourself better. So you are happy and other people are like looking and drooling at you as well.

So this was the post, my latest post actually. It’s gonna have like this post right. So I’m saying ladies, naive gullible women with no self love will always be used and abused. A Prince Charming will not come to awake silly woman. No king will date a weak woman.

A king looks for a strong queen who can handle the empire with him. And I got so much hate on this oh my goodness, like it was just full on right. Now ladies let’s look at the toxic behavior now right. What is a toxic behavior? A toxic behavior when a guy is abusing you right, an abuser, a bully.

That person is acting in toxic right. That’s a toxic man, that’s a toxic behavior. A toxic behavior is also victimizing yourself. A toxic behavior is being negative, is criticizing, it’s blaming others is a form of a toxic behavior. Blaming a guy and not taking responsiblity for yourself is a form of a toxic behavior.

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Victimizing yourself while you are being abused is a form of a toxic behavior. If you have abuser who’s behaving toxic, you have a victim who’s also behaving toxic. So these two match, why? Because there’s abuser and there’s a victim. They are both toxic. Because if a victim was not toxic it would take responsiblity for itself, it would do the right thing and it would leave the situation.

Abuser can never abuse somebody who does not put themselves in a victim position. If you’re not gonna let a man walk all over you or disrespect you, it’s impossible for him to disrespect you and walk all over you because you’re just not gonna be there.

You’re not gonna date a guy who’s gonna do things like that. Because you will know your own value, your own worth and you will do the right thing. Even if you love him, you will still do the right thing.