Online dating tips: 4 pieces of online dating advice

I want him to know many things, right?

Otherwise I wouldn’t date him, so I have an image of a man in my mind, and if he doesn’t fit that image, I don’t date him, so men want things from woman as well, right? So it’s good to know what men want so you can complement each other because, you know, men are different from us.

We are designed differently. Their brains are wired differently. We are very different, so it’s good to know what the opposite sex is like, how is he wired, so you know what to give to each other in order to live in harmony. Angelique, you just tell him it will be, okay. You girls are talking to each other, which is good.

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Hi, Greta, my boyfriend want, ladies who are talking to each other here, I have a Facebook group called Greta’s High-Value Women’s School, okay? There is many requests, so it sometimes takes a week to be accepted, just to keep you, you know, to warn you, but you can post your questions in the school, and you can interact with each other, giving each other answers, you know.

If ’cause you’re following me, so all the girls who are in the school, we coach each other based on my coaching, so if you are by yourself just on my YouTube channel, and you don’t know who to talk to, you know, join the school group and you will all be interacting with each other, giving each other answers, same as you are helping each other here on this chat, and it’s on 24/7, so it’s all good.

I showed my boyfriend a blanket I made, and he said, “Please don’t ever make me one of those.

” How do I respond? (chuckles) You say, “Oh, trust me, “I will definitely never make you one.” You don’t, you don’t, you know, if he, like, you definitely don’t.

You give, like, what I would do, right? If I made something that’s really precious to me, right, that’s really precious to me, and he says, “I never want, “please never give me this,” right? I would make sure that everyone has my this thing except for him.

It would come to that point where he would beg me to make him that thing ’cause everyone else has it, right? Don’t give him, like, be like, (scoffs) “I would never, don’t worry, I would never give it to you.

” You know, “I would never make it for you. “Why would I make it for you? “I’ll make it for my sister. “I’ll make it for my mom. “I’ll make it for my dad. “I’ll make it for my friends. “I’ll make it for my clients. “I’ll put it as a freebie on YouTube,” you know, and he’ll be like, “How come I, “you still didn’t make it for me?” “Sorry, babe,” you know, “I just don’t have the time.

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” Suddenly he really wants that thing that everyone has and he doesn’t. Hi, Greta, my boyfriend want that I will tell him what I’m doing in advance or he throws tantrum.

What should I do? It’s a long distance rela, what you’re doing in advance, what he wants to know your every single move. If he wants to know what you’re doing in advance, he can ask you. If he wants to know what you’re doing, he can ask you, and you tell him what you’re doing. If he keeps telling you to tell him his, your every move, then you say, like, you know, “You need to trust me.

“If you don’t trust me, why are you with me? “A happy relationship is all about trust, right? “So I trust you; trust me.” That’s it, perfect answer. Okay, ladies. Like it if you liked it. Let me know in the comments below what do you think? What else? Just for this video viewers, I have “Self-Love,” “Ultimate Self-Love” package for sale, 70% off, okay? It’s actually not because for video viewers.

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This is when you can grow, achieve things, and then after, you can give things to others because you cannot give anything if you don’t have anything, so first you need to be selfish, and then you can be selfless, so that package is in this YouTube video description, so ladies, happy New Year, happy, happy New Year, 2020.

May all your dreams and wishes come true.

Sending you lots, come true, yes, come true. (chuckles) Sending you lots of blessings, and kisses, and, you know, lots of good energy and vibes. Create your vision boards.

I literally have my vision board right here for 2020. I know exactly what I want, and I’m gonna do everything to get it, so I wish you all success, happiness, love, abundance, and make all your goals and dreams happen, okay? Kisses, mwah.

Happy New Year.